Project overview

Here you can find an overview of my publicly available projects.


A simple yet powerful Android library that provides context sensitive notifications for Android applications.
The API is kept similar to the Toast API while providing full customizability.

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The demo application shows the general concept of Croutons.

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A location aware game. The player can virtually rent real flats.
The main goal is to get flats that will be rented fast to make much of this precious virtual money in short time.

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GTUG Steampunk Wallpaper

Watch the clouds go by and enjoy the steampunk GTUG logo. This is the Google Develeoper Day (GDD) edition of this wallpaper. Double tap the screen quickly to add another cloud. Sunset and sunrise are being calculated on your device's location.

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Connects multiple devices and makes them act as one big screen. Blinkendroid can display animations or images and distribute them OTA to connected devices within the same WiFi.
Blinkendroid was my first experience with Android which resulted not only in a great app but also a Guinness World Record.

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